About Us


TTS Northwest is dedicated to building the most efficient, practical and profitable trenchless pipe bursting equipment available to the contractor: the TTS Chain Drive system, distributed by UCMC, LLC.  The TTS system was first to use anchor chain for pipe bursting.  Chain Drive is backed by 35 years of experience as a sewer rehabilitation contractor. I started in the sewer service business in 1975 and along the way got into sewer rehab with several major sliplining projects. I did my first pipe bursting contract in 1992 (3200' - 8" sewer main, 6000' service laterals). After this and some other projects, based on what I learned, I built my own system using Chain Drive. Since then I've supplied pipe bursting equipment to several other contractors. (See my Reference List).


But I'm still involved in pipe bursting contracts. (See my Project List). What's so special about that? Just this: every Chain Drive system we build and sell I've used and proven myself, out in the real world, on the job-site, on contracts. WE USE WHAT WE SELL. Bottom line: I know the Chain Drive is the most cost-effective pipe bursting system you can buy.


To learn more about Chain Drive pipe bursting give founder, Jerry Currey, a call. Better yet: check out our references first, and then contact us.



Founder - Jerry Currey

Jerry Currey with one of the TTS Chain Drive