TTS Lateral Pipe Bursting System



Replacement of side services without destroying landscaping and general improvements has come of age. The TTS-25 allows cost effective replacement of 4"-6" side service. Chain drive means simple, fast, low cost pipe bursting equipment with real world operating advantages.



  • Fast set-up and pipe replacement
  • Uniquely flexible can make 2-3 45 bends
  • Easy brake down for remote locations
  • Low cost and less complicated equipment
  • Low maintenance and long life of equipment

TTS-25 System Includes*:

  • TTS-25 unit
  • 4 ea. 100' Hyd. hoses
  • 270' anchor chain
  • 6 ea. connecting links
  • 2 ea. pull blocks
  • 1 ea. power unit 
  • Delivery and training.


* System is available without our power unit and can be run by excavating equipment


"Thanks to UCMC'S lateral puller, we have been able to stay ahead of schedule for our City of Beaverton job.  One day, we pulled eleven services (600Lf) in a ten hour day.  I am impressed and satisfied."

                           Ron - Project Superindendent, Dunn Construction - Gresham, OR.