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TTS Chain Drive Pipe Bursting


All Chain Drive pipebursting equipment features smooth, quiet hydraulic power. Chain Drive pullers are integrally mounted into certified trench boxes as standard, or may be supplied separately to order. Chain is available in a wide range of sizes and specifications to meet all project requirements.

  • Steady non-shock hydraulic power eliminates impact and hazards to adjacent utilities and surrounding structures.
  • Integral trench boxes enhance safety and minimize the need for special thrust bracing and shoring to absorb puller forces, a major advantage when pits are in poor ground.
  • Equipment is available in 80, 100, 200 and 300 ton pulling capacities, plus 25 tons for sewer lateral replacement, or may be built to order.
  • Optional chain clamp available.



All pullers feature simple, rugged, job-site proven design. TTS 100 and 200 include integral trench boxes. For easier handling TTS-300 is supplied with a separate box matched to the puller in the pit at site. All boxes are certified. All units include hydraulic power packs, which may be conveniently driven from a tractor-loader or similar small equipment.


TTS HYDRAULIC PULLERS 25 80 100 200 300
Typical replacement pipe sizes, inches 4-6 6- 10 4-18 4-36 4-48
Typical maximum replacement length, ft 300 1,000 1,000 1,500 1,000
Typical pull back rates, ft/hr            (pipe bursting, under load) 300 110 110 175 225
Pit sizes (LxW), ft. 6x4 6x4 M 12x8 16x8
Trench boxes (LxWxH), ft. 6x4x8 4x6x4 8x6x8 12x6x8 16x7x8
Unit weight (incl. box)lbs. 3,000 3,500 7,500 10,500 9,000**
Pulling force, lbs. 80,000* 160,000 200,000 400,000 620,000
Power, h.p. 25 110 110 174 220
No. Hydraulic cylinders 2 2 2 2 2
Cylinder bore x stroke, inches 4x24 5x24 7x24 8x42 10x48
Hydraulic pressure, mas., p.s.I. 2500* 4,000 4000 4000 5000
Hydraulic capacity, two state, g.p.m. 40* 80-40 80-40 80-40 80-40
Typical chain size range, inches 3/4-1 1 1/8 1- 1 1/2 1-2 1 - 2 1/2
* Depending on power, hydraulics of loader or hoe - single stage      
** Puller only, excluding box.          



TTS Puller System Includes*:

  • TTS Pulling Unit
  • 1 ea. TTS Power Pack with hoses
  • 1 ea. TTS Winch System
  • 7 Shots of Anchor chain
  • 6 ea. connecting links
  • 2 ea. pull blocks
  • 1 ea. Pipe bursting heads per size
  • 1 ea. Supporting supplies (Fish, Rope Reel, Chain Hooks)
  • Delivery and two-man training

* Size(s)/Quantity depending on TTS Pulling Unit

TTS Lateral Puller



Replacement of side services without destroying landscaping and general improvements has come of age. The TTS-25 allows cost effective replacement of 4"-6" side service. Chain drive means simple, fast, low cost pipe bursting equipment with real world operating advantages.



  • Fast set-up and pipe replacement
  • Uniquely flexible can make 2-3 45 bends
  • Easy brake down for remote locations
  • Low cost and less complicated equipment
  • Low maintenance and long life of equipment


TTS-25 System Includes*:

  • TTS-25 unit
  • 4 ea 100' Hyd. hoses
  • 270' anchor chain
  • 6 ea. connecting links
  • 2 ea. pull blocks
  • 1 ea. power unit
  • 1 ea. Pipe bursting heads - 4" and 6"
  • 1 ea. Supporting supplies (Fish, Rope Reel, Chain Hooks)
  • Delivery and training


* System is available without our power unit and can be run by an excavator.

TTS Winch System (Slip Lining / Pulling Chain)

The TTS Winch System is part of the pipe bursting operation as an efficient method of pulling chain in through existing pipe.  This same winch can be used for slip lining HDP pipe.  Power is supplied by the same power pack used for the chain drive system. 


Pull master 20,000 pound winch mounted in a 4x6x4 trench box. 

TTS Power Packs

Our custom built power packs are prepared per client and their needs.  We offer our standard unit or a portable trailer-mounted.