TTS Chain Drive Pipe Bursting


Get the Advantages of Gain Drive on Your Pipe bursting Projects Chain Drive means simple, fast, low-cost pipe bursting equipment with real world operating advantages. The use of chain in conjunction with a hydraulic puller eliminates rods, constant make-up and break-out of threaded rod connections and bulky, expensive, low powered winches. Chain Drive combines massive chain strength with the power to handle the biggest jobs with ease, and the smallest with economy through simplicity of equipment and operation.




  • Work proceeds continuously. There are no interruptions to make-up and break-out rod connections and handle rods one by one.
  • Continuous chain can be installed between machine and insertion pits at up to 600 feet/hour, more than twice as fast as rods.
  • On pull back, when pipebursting, Chain Drive operates as much as three times faster than rod systems, to over 300 feet/hour.
  • Chain Drive pipebursting also operates very much faster than compressor powered systems too.


  • Continuous chain requires minimal handling.
  • Chain is positively engaged to the puller no slippage under load.
  • Extra chain is readily available.


  • Chain's flexibility has enabled pipebursting even through 450 bends and curves in watermains.
  • Chain can be pulled through manholes where sewer direction changes, permitting longer replacement section lengths and fewer pits.
  • The hydraulic puller can sit off centerline of the old pipe to avoid interference with other utilities in the pulling pit.
  • Unlike cable, hard, tough chain can bear against the inside of old pipe and manhole entrances without risk of fraying.


  • Chain is much more economical than drive rods.
  • TTS Chain Drive pullers, designed to work with chain, are simpler and more cost effective than rod pullers.
  • Maintenance is cheaper with less complicated equipment.
  • No threaded connections to wear out; chain withstands abrasion.